MultiFly Patria Pilot Training
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Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) for Airbus A320

MPL is a modern way to train pilots to do exactly what they will do as copilots after graduation. Over 50% of training flight hours will be flown in Fixed Base and Full Flight Airbus A320 simulators to make sure Cadets will be professional Co-pilots after graduation for the Customer airline.

Each Airline will have their own specific training targets fulfilled. MPL is a flexible training product and will be tailored to meet the needs of the customer Airline. In MPL training actual flight hours will be complemented with high quality simulation training in the A320 cockpit environment. Flying has become more and more flight management and MPL addresses directly to these issues.

During MPL full ATPL theories as well as Type Rating Theories will be studied.

Patria is currently running an MPL training program for its large Airbus A320 operating airline. With MPL we teach these future Co-pilots comprehensive skills to operate the Airbus even under the most demanding weather conditions, safely and with the best efficiency for our customers.


Course structure

Phase 1 - Core

The objective of Phase 1 is to introduce core skills of flying. Training is conducted mainly with single engine piston aircraft (see below). During this phase students learn how to handle the aircraft in various situations in VMC.
The phase starts with basic handling of the aircraft in VMC including take-offs, landings and basic maneuvers. In the middle part of the phase visual navigation and pilot-in-command skills are trained.
Phase 1 ends to a section of instrument flying containing basic instrument training and an introduction to IFR operations in IMC.

Phase 2 - Basic

The objective of Phase 2 is to build up solid instrument flying skills in multi-crew and Airbus A320 cockpit environment. Training is completed solely on ground training devices using an Airbus A320 FNPT II trainer.
This phase starts with hand flown basic IFR scenarios from route flying to instrument approaches, and gradually increasing the level of automation.
The phase 2 continues with building up IFR skills and integrating A320 abnormal and emergency procedures. Multi-crew operation training has been strongly integrated into this phase.

Phase 3 - Intermediate

The objective of Phase 3 is to apply multi-crew operations in a high performance multi-engine aircraft – the Airbus A320.
By the end of Phase 3 the student is able to handle the A320 in VMC and IMC during normal operations manually and using automation.
He/she is also able to manage abnormal and emergency situations requiring special competencies in controlling multi-engine jet aircraft, such as engine failures.

Phase 4 - Advanced

The objective of Phase 4 is to achieve knowledge and skills for A320 type rating. The training is conducted in an airline oriented environment.
In the end of the Phase 4 the student is able to perform flight operations in safe and efficient manner, and to manage operational threats and hazards to a standard required by airline operations.