Flight Instructor Training

Have you ever thought of becoming a Flight Instructor? If you wish to teach others the fine art of flying and share your own experience and knowledge with those who are eager to learn how to fly, you will need a Flight Instructor´s License (FI).

As Flight Instructor you can instruct student pilots according to your own Flight Instructor experience. With experience you can teach more complicated , from PPL students to CPL and Instrument students flying multi-engine aircraft.

Flight instruction may be a career of its own; if you build up your experience and upgrade your license step by step, and you have a genuine interest to teach others this could be something for you. Patria is constantly looking for Flight Instructors – contact us today for more information!

Content and progress of Flight Instructor Training

The FI(A) course includes 25 hours of flying with a flight instructor, 5 hours in ground training device and all required theoretical training. As full-time study it takes 4–6 months to complete the whole FI(A) training.

Theoretical training familiarizes trainees with teaching and learning techniques and aviation regulations related to the flight instructor’s profession. In addition, trainee prepare theory lessons and briefings as part of the practical training. The time required for these exercises is substantial but well worth its while for your own learning.  

Flight training is based on one-on-one instruction and classroom instruction. Training program features PPL flight training exercises and issues related to various pedagogical situations.

Flight Instructor training may not be available every year - please contact for more information. 

Course structure

Flight Instructor training

125 hours
Flight training
30 hours
Training duration
3-5 months
Theory training about learning and teaching
Practical training in aircraft
Basic handling of the aircraft
Navigation during daylight and in night conditions
Takeoffs and landings during daylight and in night conditions
After the Flight Instructor training one will have privileges to conduct flight instruction for the issue, revalidation or renewal of PPL-license and class ratings for single pilot.

Instrument Flight Instructor training

64 hours
Flight training
Training duration
1-2 months
Refresh and bring up technical knowledge of instrument flying
Develop instructional techniques required for teaching instrument flying
Consolidate instrument flying skills
Before the training, one shall have at least 800 hours of IFR flight experience as a pilot, or if you already hold a Flight Instructor rating, 200 hours of IFR flight experience. After the training, the IRI will have privileges to conduct flight instruct

Multi-Engine Class Rating Instructor training

50 hours
Flight training
9 hours
Training duration
1-2 months
Night navigation
Takeoffs and landings at night
An applicant for the issue of a Multi-Engine Class Rating Instructor rating, one shall have at least 500 hours of experience as a pilot and at least 30 hours as Pilot-In-Command on a Multi-Engine piston aircraft. After the training, the privileges of a CR

Flight Instructor refresher seminar

14 hours
Flight training
Course do not include flight training
Training duration
2 days
The content of the instructor refresher seminar will be selected seminar by seminar from the mandatory topics and from topical areas of aviation