Average duration
Theory training
Flight training
Block hours
Integrated Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Cadets studying the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot program will receive Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with multi-engine piston and instrument ratings (MEP/IR) after their graduation. Cadets will study ATPL theories and will pass Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Dangerous Goods training. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is also included.

Graduates with Frozen ATPL license will be able to apply for Co-pilot positions within EASA and other regions. Outside EASA area some local Conversions may be required.

ATP(A) training details

  • 201 Hrs 15 minutes of Flight Training is included
  • 140 hours in aircraft, 61 Hrs 15 mins in Patria´s new DA 42NG simulators
  • MCC and Jet Operations training in Patria´s Airbus A320 Fixed Base Simulator
  • Training includes over 50 hours of multi-engine experience (IR and ME/IR flown on Diamond DA 42NG aircraft)

Course structure

Phase I
Basic flight maneuvers and first solo flight

145 lessons
Flight training
16 hours
Phase duration
3-4 months
Pre-flight planning and flight preparations
Level flight and turning with different airspeeds
Climbing and descending
Unusual attitudes and stalling
Takeoff and landing
Forced landing exercises
First solo flight

Phase II
Cross country navigation and consolidation of basic flight maneuvers

Theory exams
Flight training
26 hours
Phase duration
2-3 months
Pilot-In-Command flights
Consolidation of skills learnt during phase I
Cross-country flights
Navigation with using external references
Controlling the aircraft with sole reference to flight instruments
Crosswind takeoffs and landings
Simulated abnormal and emergency situations
ICAO language proficiency check

Phase III
Pilot-In-Command navigation and night flight training

ATPL and IR theories
Flight training
44 hours
Phase duration
4-5 months
Pilot-in-command cross country flights
Flights to and from various airfields
Navigation with reference to ground features
Radio navigation exercises
Decision making exercises
Night flight training

Phase IV
Instrument flight approaches and navigation

ATPL theories and exams
Flight training
60 hours
Phase duration
5-6 months
Basic instrument flying skills
Practical IFR theory training
IFR pre-flight planning and preparations
Instrument flight procedures
Instrument cross country flights
Various instrument approaches
Handling of multiengine aircraft

Phase V
Multi-engine instrument flight training and Multi-Crew Co-operation training

Flight training
60 hours
Phase duration
5-6 months
IFR procedures in a multi-engine aircraft during normal, abnormal and emergency situations
Multi-crew cooperation theory and flight training (MCC)
Training for transportation of dangerous goods (ToDG)
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
Skill test for Commercial Pilot License and Multi-Engine Instrument rating