Aviation Security Training (ASTCO)

Provided by Aviation Security Training (ASTCO) in cooperation with Patria.

All Commercial Air Transport operators shall train their pilots and cabin crew members to manage unruly passengers on board. The training is Mandatory for all Commercial Air Category operators (e.g. Airlines, Charter, Business Jet operators, Air Taxi operators).

During the training day various scenarios will be presented beforehand for situational overview. After this trainers present practical actions during training. Training day ends with a debriefing, and a written exam will be administered with feedback.

Training will be provided by ASCTO Finland (Aviation Security Training & Consulting Finland Oy) and their highly professional instructors, all qualified Use-of-force trainers certified by the Police Board of Finland. Training will be arranged at the premises of the customer, most preferably in your cabin simulator and/or Cabin Training area.

For more info, please check EU n:o 965/2012, AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(a) 

and contact:

Patria Pilot Training
Tel +358 40 869 3113 


Course structure

Part one
Theoretical knowledge

2 x 45 mins
Criminal law (e.g issues related to self-defence, use of force)
Aviation law, Tokyo Convention
Risk management, passenger pre-screening and evaluation, behavioural patterns and their identification
Detection, intervention, restraint
Classification of threat situations (Based on ICAO levels 1 to 4)
Modus operandi during threats and violence (intervention, cabin crew response, crew communication)

Part two
Skill development

3 x 45 mins
Safety regulations, safety during training
Threat evaluation
Protection and defence measures
Self-defence and use of force*
*) According to the Finnish Police University College syllabi

Part three
Scenario based practise

2 x 45 mins
Practical group exercises in various threat situations
Use of learned skills
Importance of self-confidence and team work