Nine good reasons why Patria is a great training organization for you!

  1. Patria is owned by the State of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%). Our solid financial background is unique and very few – if any - training organizations can provide you with the same financial stability and security.
  2. Patria is among the largest Approved Training Organizations in the whole of Europe and our training is based on highly respected EASA regulations (EASA ATO).
  3. Patria´s students are screened before their acceptance. Our wash-out rate during training (ca 1%) is among the lowest in the business because as we only accept students with sufficient skills and aptitude for the profession. Testing and screening services are also available to our Airline customers upon request.
  4. Patria´s training fleet is among the most modern ones in the business. We provide a high quality, 100% Glass Cockpit learning experience with advanced navigation and Flight Management Systems to prepare for the future careers of our students.
  5. The weather in Finland varies from mid-winter conditions to warm sunny days and to thunderstorm avoidance. Our fleet is uniquely capable of providing our students variable and challenging experience in all weather conditions. Patria´s students will experience real life icing conditions while practicing in our FIKI (Flight Into Know Ice) equipped Diamond DA 42NG's during their IR/ME-IR phases of training.
  6. Patria has been in training business for twenty years, since 1998. We train our students to become great aviators as they go for their careers all over the world.
  7. For our international students we offer a comprehensive welcome package: Patria will assist students with housing, residence permit applications, local transportation arrangements and similar to ensure a smooth landing in Finland for your training.
  8. There is plenty of free airspace available for training purposes in Finland; over 25 airports spread all over the country. International flights can be flown to our neighbouring countries, e.g. Estonia and Sweden to boost the confidence of the student.
  9. And finally, Patria´s full portfolio of training programs will give our customers the possibility to select a training program to match their specific needs. We offer modular, Integrated ATP and MPL training programs to meet our customers´ various requirements.
  10. And the 10th reason: follow up our progress with Helicopter training, coming soon with our great Partners!