The first Patria´s and Finnair Flight Academy´s MPL students graduated

The first 23 students which were trained according to Patria´s and Finnair Flight Academy´s Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) training have now graduated. Approximately one hundred Finnair MPL students are in training. The first one to receive his MPL license was Mikko Nikkanen after an 18-month long training. He will start working as Finnair A320 First officer in the near future.

Pilots with MPL license have been trained to fly Finnair’s Airbus A320 aircraft as First Officers. Later, once they have gained 1,500 hours they can apply for an ordinary, unrestricted ATPL license.

“Flight test results of MPL students have been superb. MPL training clearly works as anticipated and the students can start flying immediately as Finnair´s A320 co-pilots,” says Vesa Kaartinen, Patria Pilot Training´s Head of training.

MPL training includes Type Rating for the Airbus A320 together with a full ATPL theory training package. Students receive 250 hours of flight training out of which over 50% takes place in Airbus cockpit environment. About 14 months of the training takes place at Patria’s Pirkkala base and four months at Finnair Flight Academy in Vantaa.

There are currently three additional MPL courses under training, and the next one will start in November 2018.

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